What I'm Reading - Winter '16


I do these seasonal installments mostly to keep myself accountable to read what I say I'm going to read.  That strategy wasn't so successful for me in the fall, but we'll try it again and see how I do... This time around I thought to include the lengthier books I'm reading with Alyosha too!

Just Finished Reading

This book had me hooked at the beginning.  The kind of hook where you walk a half a mile home from the library with your nose buried in it.  It lost it's flavor for me after awhile, but all in all a quick read and not bad.  (I particularly found it interesting to learn of the cultural temperature regarding people with Down Syndrome and similar special needs in the not too distant past.)

This was my latest read-aloud with Alyosha, and he enjoyed it.  As one familiar with both the classic movie as well as the newer Saving Mr. Banks, I was pretty disappointed after completing the original work. Funny how cultural phenomena can become larger than life (and really, larger than themselves).

Currently Reading

I've read and loved one of Berry's works before and picked up this one to follow along with the reading group at Liturgy of Life.  I've been hacking away at it for months: it's a dense, thought-provoking read that you can't whiz through... but probably my favorite read of the year.  I am utterly fascinated by the potential for restoration and justice that his ideas suggest.  Loved it so much I gave it to my dad for Christmas, so be sure that I recommend it to you as well!

Easy to read and highly relatable, yet with lots of nuggets of truth and wisdom packed in.  I think it'd be especially appealing to a first time mom in the throes of that crazy ol' life change.

Eric and I are all, "snoooooooze" but Alyosha's all, "whoooooaaaa!"  In my opinion though, there is a fine line between an abridged version and a mutilated version, and Great Illustrated Classics toes that line.

Will Be Reading

We're starting this one soon at the Liturgy of Life reading group, and would love to have you join us! We have a loose reading schedule that we try to somewhat stick to and usually use the Facebook page to engage in conversation about what we've read.  I really appreciated last year how much I read that was out of my norm or that I just wouldn't have picked up otherwise.

Because a Little Free Library one block over had it.  And I loved the play!

This is next on the Alyosha read-aloud list.  I loved this one as a kid and Dahl is probably his favorite author, so it should be a fun read for both of us!

* * *

What about you?  What's on your list for the next few months?


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