What I'm Reading, Spring 2017


Spring is officially upon us, you guys. Glory glory Hallelujah! I am quite likely the most cold natured person you know, and so I find the long Midwestern winter months to be rather... indoorsy. When we moved to Iowa nearly two years ago I had grandiose mental images of building snow men and sledding down powdery hills, but can I be honest about the number of times either of those things have happened, at least with me present in the frame?

Goose Egg.

Turns out I didn't magically turn into a snow leopard just because I migrated north. Eric actually thinks I may be part lizard considering my staggering ability to sit in the sun for a length of time previously unprecedented for a human. But I digress.

Back to books! I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Just Finished Reading:

This book is a compilation of essays by various prominent Christians, including many of my favorites, on the Biblical call to a life lived in community. It will definitely challenge you uphill and down, but it rings so incredibly true that it's impossible to discount. I'll put out a little teaser and tell you that although we've had it in the house for a year (Eric's purchase), we have a fairly big life change coming up that prompted me to finally pick it up and read it myself. More on that in an upcoming post! (or subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know! ;)

This one was recommended to me by an old friend and blog reader (Hey Kaylor, heeey!). Written by political journalist Ron Fourier, it examines the modern parent-child relationship and invites parents to shelf the horsecrappery and love our kids for who they are rather than for how they make us look. Fourier's son has Asperger's (on the Autism Spectrum) and many of the details of their family dynamics spoke to me in a deeply personal way. (Yes, fine, I cried a few times.)

Okay, I'll be honest- I didn't read this one cover to cover. My friend brought it to our recent Upside Down Podcast co-host retreat in North Carolina and I devoured as much as I could during the cracks and crevices of our four days together. Ian and Suzanne actually have an Enneagram podcast by the same name, and I've listened to several episodes and gotten a lot out of them. If you're unfamiliar with the Enneagram, it's a type of ancient personality indicator (for lack of a better term) that is incredibly helpful in understanding yourself and other people. I've done several personality tests in my life and am naturally interested about them in general, but the Enneagram is the most thorough and the most practically impactful, bar none.

Currently Reading:

Doesn't the hip cover make you want to run out and buy it? ;) Seriously though this book is a gem- don't judge it by the outdated graphics. I'm only a few chapters in but it is a prophetic clarion call for our time. The writing is both intelligent and accessible, and he really does a good job of meeting people where they're at.

Will Be Reading:

Has anyone read this? I've long felt connected to Dorothy Day and have always yearned to know more about her intimate, familial side. Specifically, as a mother myself, I've always been curious about her successes and failures as a mother so driven and dedicated to social causes. I expect this will accurately portray the very human side of this great Christian figure.

You know I had to have a fluffy one thrown in! I'm on the library waitlist for this baby and can not wait! I have major mixed feels about Gilmore Girls (remember that post a few months ago?), but I think this will be a pretty fun read. Only uhhh 7 people holding it before me at the library.

Kids are Reading:

You might remember the name B.J. Novak from his work writing for and acting in The Office, and if so then you won't be surprised to hear that this book is hilarious (even for the grown up reader, whom it picks on). I love seeing my kiddos giggle over good humor, and this one delivers.

This is the first book that we've bought in this wonderful series of heroic figures, but it probably won't be the last. It's incredibly thorough and very well done, and my boys have become fascinated by the trials and victories in Helen's life. I definitely recommend this one.

Taavi's current board book binge read. There is seriously something about this book, because all three of my boys have been crazy about it as babies and toddlers. Taavi's affection may take the cake though- at less than 10 months old he was bringing it to us to read to him! Hashtag prodigy, y'all. (There is a Global Baby Girls one too! And I should add that proceeds go to the Global Fund for Children. Win!)

Eric's Reading:

I've never thrown in Eric's current reads before (maybe because he generally has like 12 super heady ones going at a time), but there's a first time for everything!

The hubs reports that this is classic Richard Rohr: a worshipful look at the heart of a deeply loving God. It's specifically about the relationship between the three parts of the Trinity and the implications on our own lives, and Eric reports that it's voice is an important one.

Alright, party peeps. Your turn! Let me know what you're reading and recommending, in the comments or on FB!

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Someday, the light will shine like a sun through my skin & they will say, 'what have you done with your life?' & though there are many moments I think I'll remember, in the end, I will be proud to say, I was one of us.

(Brian Andreas, Storypeople)